Why JS Consulting?

Partnering with JS Consulting means you have access to a professional with proven experience in:

  • Recruiting in a fast-paced, high-growth corporate setting
  • Screening, critiquing and improving hundreds of CVs in a variety of sectors
  • Effective business communications, content writing and copywriting for a wide range of industries

JS Consulting founder, John Son, draws on a track record of job search success. In his last personal job hunt, he returned from travelling overseas and secured 5 interviews and 4 confirmed job offers – each paying at least $10k more than his last role – in the space of a month. He has also secured offers for 89% of all jobs he has personally interviewed for.

JS Consulting was borne out of a desire to share the secrets of this success with the world. We’ve helped numerous job seekers by applying our techniques, and we’re keen to help many more.

Work with a proven marketing expert

At JS Consulting, we understand that building an effective CV isn’t just about tweaking a Word document. The issue is much broader than that.

Searching for a job is really an exercise in personal branding. We use our marketing expertise to help you win the attention of your customers – namely, recruiters and hiring managers. Our specialisation in copywriting means we know exactly how to use the right words to produce the right outcomes.

Get a completely customised service

We don’t believe in churning out a generic CV slapped onto a template. Each consultation is directly tailored to the individual’s current job search needs.

We are not “professional CV writers” and we’re not here just to write your CV for you. We are a consultancy, your trusted advisor who has as much of a stake in your career success as you do. We’re about working together to build a customised job search strategy.

We’re your personal job search partner

So think of us as your personal branding consultant, job search strategist and copywriter, all rolled into one. Our roles are diverse but our brief is simple – make sure you get the job you’re looking for.

If you’re as serious about your career success as we are, hit the button below to view our services and get started.