Our clients are happy people. Here’s what some of them have to say.

John helped me convey my key strengths on my CV in a much more compelling way. He pointed out what I needed to keep and what I had to cut out, and structured my CV in the best way to show my skills. He portrayed my skills in a clear, easy-to-read way that I had not thought of before.

Through John’s help, I not only vastly improved my CV, but also succeeded in finding a job. I remember my interviewer thoroughly reading my CV during the interview, and I’m sure John’s help made it that much easier for them to scan it and pick up the main points.

I now have a good grasp of how to write my CV in future. John’s assistance wasn’t a one-off – he gave me valuable advice on how to write my CV persuasively, which I can continue to apply in my career moving forward.

John’s considerable experience and expertise in reviewing CVs are what helped improve mine. His practical advice and assistance fixed the flaws in my CV and ultimately helped me find work, and for this I want to express my gratitude to John.

– Angela

I graduated with mathematics and statistics degrees from the University of Auckland, and found myself naturally becoming a mathematics tutor at an academic institute. While I was studying however, I found financial and insurance systems fun, so I had attempted to apply for jobs in the finance and insurance fields. Unfortunately, all my job applications were declined with no feedback.

I couldn’t see what was wrong with my resume during the job hunt. To be honest, I thought my resume and cover letters looked appropriate for the fields I wanted to work in. The reality was actually very cruel, and no companies replied to my job applications until I met John.

I was aware that John has a great sense of writing formal letters and resumes, so I asked him to help improve my resume and cover letters. As I had expected, he was able to identify some flaws in my job applications. In summary, my resume did not make a good first impression, presented a long-winded story to readers, and had too much unnecessary description.

With the new version of my resume and cover letters, I had phone calls from five different companies immediately, and finally I could start my dream position where I always wanted to be.

I really appreciate John for helping me find a job. I can see he is very talented in writing and making nice simple resumes and cover letters. If anyone has difficulty in writing resumes and cover letters, I would highly recommend John because you will see the results that you want.

– Changhun